Canton Youth Soccer Association was founded in the 1980's by a group of parents interested in promoting the most popular sport in the world. Starting with a handful of children at is conception, Canton Youth Soccer now provides recreational, and travel
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Tip #1:  Edit My Account
Do you need to add or change your email address?  Would you like to stop receiving practice reminder emails? Would you or your player like to receive text message reminders instead? You can update your settings to whatever works best for you. Click on ‘Edit My Account’ on the left-hand vertical menu.  You will be prompted to enter your email address and password that you used for registration. Once signed in, you can click on any member of your family to update their information, including notification choices.

Tip #2: Create a Multi-Schedule
If you have children on multiple soccer teams or your children are playing football and soccer, you can create a multi-schedule calendar.  Click on Teams, Multi-Schedule and select the teams you would like to create a schedule for (soccer teams are listed at the top and Warriors Youth Football is listed near the bottom).  If you’d like, you can choose a different display color for each team.  Click Submit to create your custom schedule.  Once created, you can create a calendar link or print your schedule.

Tip #3:  Link your Calendar
If you use the calendar on your phone or ipad to keep track of your schedule, you can subscribe to your team’s calendar so that practices and games are automatically added to your device’s calendar.  Using the device that you want to load the calendar on (e.g., your phone or ipad), go to the schedule page for your team (or create a multi-schedule for all your teams).  Click Options and then choose Subscribe to Calendar.  You can also use with Google Calendar.  Just click Options then Add to Google Calendar.  All events will be added to your device’s calendar and changes to the schedule will automatically be reflected there.  It’s that easy! 

If using the Mobile App or the Mobile Site, Select a Team then choose Teams/Schedule.  Once the schedule is displayed, click the calendar icon next to the word Schedule to Subscribe to CYSA events.